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Shows one woman she's loved.

Shows one woman she's valued.

Shows one woman she's purposed.

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Do you see gaps not being filled? Is a problem in your community not being addressed? Jump into your destiny, start a nonprofit, and be the solution!

Starting Your Nonprofit walks you through the eleven steps to get your nonprofit up and running.  Start filling those gaps and solving those problems. You’re the solution!


  • Family Toiletries Package


    Help meet basic physical needs by providing toiletries for an ex-industry girl and her entire family. Each toiletries package includes personal hygiene products such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, deodorant, brushes, hair ties, nail clippers and feminine products. Baby and...

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  • Fuel for Team Outlaw


    Our street team is constantly on the go. We’re driving women to therapy sessions, picking up groceries, delivering birthday gifts, and connecting over coffees dates and mentoring lunches. Support Team Outlaw by contributing to our general fuel fund.

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  • Birthday Basket for One Ex-Industry Girl


    Is your love language gifts? If so, help us show one ex-industry girl how much she’s loved by choosing this birthday gift! Our birthday baskets always include a beautiful birthday gift, a little bit of makeup, and a heartfelt birthday card,...

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