Make it a Merry Christmas

“Tis the season!

It’s been a beautiful year full of new and exciting experiences! Here’s a quick overview:


  • Launched our Houston-based support group for women
  • Provided support group women with fuel, groceries, toiletries, birthday gifts, meals, and professional therapy sessions
  • Featured in White Shadow Films’ Ten Million Throwaways television mini-series
  • Featured in a Next Step Ministries short film
  • Shared my story at the University of Southern California (USC) Real Sex Weekevent
  • Featured in Hope for the Sold’s documentary Over 18
  • Shared my story at the University of Notre Dame’s White Ribbon Against Pornography week event (hosted by Students for Child-Oriented Policy)
  • Endorsed social activist Matt Fradd’s latest book, The Porn Myth
  • Interviewed by DailyMail, The Lucas Miles Show, The Frank Sontag Show on KKLA 99.5 FM (Los Angeles), The Sun, The Gospel Herald, CBN News, Beau Ouellette of Running Light Ministries, and more!
  • Started working with my literary agent and writer to publish my first book


Would you consider helping us achieve our 2018 goals by becoming a financial partner? Here’s what we would like to accomplish:


  • produce our own resources (books, workbooks, podcasts) for men and women
  • provide additional therapy sessions, facilitated by professional counselors trained to work with sex industry survivors, for more support group women
  • meet the practical needs of more support group women (groceries, toiletries, fuel, etc.) as they are transitioning out of the sex industry
  • produce training videos and resources to help churches and other groups care for sex industry survivors and those addicted to, or recovering from, pornography.


Yes! I Want to Give